Chandelier Lighting

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Chandeliers are the focal point of any room, and weather the goal is lighting your kitchen, outdoor area, bathroom, or game roomthe light should beautify and enhance the people and furnishings surrounding it.
When searching for the perfect chandelier, make sure you follow a few simple guidelines.The size, height and style are unique for each area you decide on. For example, a chandelier in a dining area should be positioned at the center of the table, approximately 30 - 34 inches above it, and should be 12" narrower than the table. Entryway lighting sets the mood for your home, and should be high enough to illuminate passageways and stairways. View our LIGHTING BY ROOM guide to see more tips on each room. Weather its a grand crystal chandelier, fun pendant, stunning custom chandelier or elegant romantic bedroom light, have fun, and enjoy your journey in selecting the perfect light for your home.